At a Fourth of July celebration in my neighborhood when I was about ten, I made the mistake of grabbing a lit sparkler higher than I should have. For a few weeks I had a burn mark on my finger which I would periodically rub with a melting ice cube to soften and ease the pain.  There are no signs of that injury today, no scars to remind me of a stupid decision made in an instant which could have been a lot worse.

The same cannot be said for Texas teen Rowdy Radford from the greater Houston area. The 15-year-old has lost his leg and may not even know it yet due to heavy sedation.

He may even lose his eyesight. My heart aches for the teenager who probably didn't know any better.

Even the New York Daily News has picked up Radford's story. You can read it here.

And if you're still wondering what a sparkler bomb is, here's a video showing how out-of-control it can get: