I realized the other day that I'm fully beginning to become a Texan. A coworker the other day basically said he noticed I go to Whataburger a lot. Now, is that because the Southern Bacon Double is back on the menu right now?

Yes. Yes it is.

But I am simply one Whataburger lover in a sea of them here in the Lone Star State. However, we're aren't just here in Texas, there are many of us thanks to the business's expansion across the nation. So how does Whataburger continue to grow?

Well, with it's own day, National Whataburger Day!

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Wait, National Whataburger Day?

Truly we are blessed to have a day such as this, and coming sooner than expected. According to Whataburger themselves, the day is set to be August 8th! But are they planning to celebrate the day?

Does everyone get to take home a bottle of Fancy or Spicy Ketchup? That's my vote to celebrate, spicy of course. But the eatery is offering just as good, and that is free Whataburgers!

Whatburger stated in a press release that if customers download the app, and have purchased food using the app in the last year, they are eligible for a free burger on the 7th and 8th while using the app!

Not only that, but the eatery says they will also have some limited table tents celebrating the day at the restaurant.

So it looks like we've all got somewhere to be on August 8th don't we?

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