Most things are bigger and better in Texas. If we don't have the "largest" of any given thing, then we have probably made up for it by having "more" than anyone else. It's either the biggest and brightest, or we have more than someone else does! That also goes for amusement parks!

ABC 13 is reporting Houston will soon be home to Adventure Pointe - a 25-acre amusement park off Interstate 45. It'll have a mini-railroad, go-karts, and a massive ice skating rink, plus a giant entertainment venue for shows.

Infrastructure work has been underway for this concept since 2015.

The Adventure Pointe idea is also something that originated here in Texas. A Houston area cardiologist named Harbey Slusky is the main force behind Adventure Pointe. His father created Playland Park in the 1940's. That park would eventually be turned into the famous AstroWorld. AstroWorld stayed open from the late 1960's until 2005.

Do you have memories of visiting AstroWorld? Let us take you back.


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