Amazon is hiring more than 100,000 people to assist with the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to WFAA, Amazon has hired more than 4,600 employees in Texas alone. Amazon has also announced that workers will receive an additional $2 an hour, and two times the hourly rate for every hour of overtime. Amazon is also offering full pay and extra time off for workers that contract COVID-19.

To help keep employees safe, Amazon is distributing masks to hourly workers and has even established a $25 million relief fund for workers facing difficulties in this time. Amazon has also started temperature checks at their facilities to ensure that anyone coming in does not have a fever over 100.4 F. If an employee surpasses that, they may not return until they've gone at least 3 days without a fever.

Educators, trainers, cooks, drivers, and flight attendants are just a few of the positions that these new workers previously held.  Many of the people recently hired were furloughed from their previous jobs and come from various backgrounds. If you are interested in a job with Amazon, visit

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