If you have a fear of heights, moving at high speeds up in the air, or a crazy clown who terrorizes Gotham. The new "Joker Carnival of Chaos" ride at Six Flags Fiesta Texas probably isn't for you.

If you happen to be a cold heartless soul this ride is perfect for you. Madison Iszler of the Houston Chronicle reports that not only is this ride the fastest in Six Flags history it is the tallest.

First, you must travel 17 stories on the worlds tallest pendulum, look down 172 feet, strap in and be thrown around at speeds up to 75 miles an hour. Fun, fun.

“The Joker is the fastest ride in park history and is the perfect villainous twist to our already spectacular ride lineup,”

-Jeffrey Siebert, park president

I'm a big ole baby before going a ride, but once I do it I want to go again. This one would take some convincing to get me up there.

I haven't heard if the Joker has those cameras attached so you can get reactions. I feel like it would have to. I'll watch some folks screaming and get a good laugh out of that... then not go up myself.

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