Some students at Castleman Creek Elementary got the opportunity of a lifetime when they participated in a Kidz Bop music video!

According to a report from KXXV, Castleman Creek Elementary students had the opportunity to participate in a Christmas music video for Kidz Bop!

The students in Castleman Creek's Club Impact had previously made a music video with some retirement home seniors that featured Kidz Bop music. The people at Kidz Bop loved the video so much that they asked P.E. teacher Jalayne Rinewalt if the students would be willing to participate in another video. Plus the kids also took video that will be played on a screen behind the world wide Kidz Bop tour.

While the kids weren't able to join the actual Kidz Bop Kids physically, they connected via video chat and learned some special moves for the video. The craziest part? The kids actually recorded and learned these moves around Halloween and had to keep the whole thing a secret for the big reveal!

Select students at Castleman Creek were equipped with customized T-shirts, and even got some answers to all their burning questions by Kidz Bop Kids Alena and Egan. I'm sure this opportunity is something they'll never forget.

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