Everyone loves receiving a package in the mail, it's like Christmas, even if you're the one paying for it. I love to watch the tracker and know when I come home it'll be there waiting for me.

However, there have been a couple of times when I get home and it's not there. I check the details and it reads "left at the front door". After I triple check, I accepted someone snagged it before I got home. The nerve, I hope size 10.5 shoes are too small for you!

Well, now those sneaky crooks could spend some pretty hard time for what some might view as a petty crime. Governor Abbott just signed  House Bill 37 making stealing packages a crime news4 San Antonio reports.

Obviously, the more one steals the harder the punishment.

- First-degree felony if someone stole from more than 50 different people.

- A second-degree felony for stealing from 20 to 50 people different people.

- A third-degree felony for stealing from 10 to 20 different people.

- A state felony for stealing from less than 10 different people.

It's far to easy of a crime to commit and even had a couple of local kids doing it on the weekends click here to read that story. So I fully support it, maybe it'll keep some folks from ruining our Christmas in July!

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