Until marijuana is actually legal in the state of Texas, we will always have these kinds of discussions.

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If it were truly "for the people, by the people", weed would already be legal.

Majority Rules

The numbers are in, although they are just poll numbers, but the people have spoken and it's time our politicians listen when they say it's time to legalize it.

A recent poll from the Dallas Morning News-University of Texas at Tyler shows that more than half of those polled are in favor of legalized marijuana for recreational use meaning that anyone over a certain age, 21, can possess and smoke weed much like that laws that govern alcohol.

Those who identify as Democrat voters are leading the charge with 75% approval while Republican voters show a 42% approval for recreational use. The numbers are even bigger when asked about marijuana for medical purposes with a majority of 83% of Texans supporting passing laws supporting medical marijuana. 91% of Democrats and 74% of Republican voters.

Bipartisan Support

It's very rare that both sides of the political isle favor the same things. Marijuana is gaining momentum from both sides and has been for some time now. Even in Texas where the state is historically Republican.

Beto O'Rourke, a Democrat has said he would legalize marijuana in Texas if elected while current Governor, Greg Abbott, Republican, has voiced support for decriminalization of marijuana for low level offenses.

Decriminalization in Central Texas

Austin, Texas recently voted to decriminalize low level weed offenses and the push is underway for Killeen to do the same. Killeen Daily Herald reports that Democratic Bell County Commissioner candidates, Louie Minor and Stacey Wilson, delivered a petition with close to 3,000 signatures in support of decriminalization to Killeen City Hall last week. City Council now has 60 days to hold a public hearing.

Minor says that if City Council votes no, or changes any verbiage, it'll be turned over to the voters to decide in November.

Once again it's baby steps but at least it's progress. But it's worth repeating, If it were truly "for the people, by the people", weed would already be legal.

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