Just like that, it seems the most popular thing online today is this new Unicorn Frappuchino from Starbucks!

According to Business Insider, the blended beverage changes color and flavors as you mix it together. It starts out with sweet and fruity flavors and becomes very tart as you drink it. The color goes from purple with blue stripes before becoming a bright pink mixture.

Another notch in the belt of Starbucks who have now found a way to make your drink change flavors and colors right before your eyes. It's like drinking an everlasting gobstopper. Some call it a creamsicle with sour patch kids inside. It's a solid idea that kids will go nuts for, and the drink is made to be shared on social media. It's a pretty great job of marketing by the beverage giant.

Whatever you call it the Unicorn Frappuchino is here for a limited time. Your last day to try it is April 23rd.

TSM/ W/Adams
TSM/ W/Adams

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