Every state has a certain stereotype, a favorite food, a flag and even slang. Slate conducted a rather in-depth study of "The United States of Slang", where they worked with professional linguists and created a unique word list associated with each state of the U.S. They then took to the Internet, finding all those popular and zany words and phrases that pop up by region and cross-referenced with Slate's readers and contributors to ultimately narrow down the word or phrase.

They made a note saying these words are not the definitive official slang of each state, but they do come close.

See if you agree.


It would seem Texas kind of got a boring, typical word for its state: hoss.

Hoss (noun) is defined as partner or friend and the example of its usage?

Hey, hoss, would you mind trussing that there pig?

Why couldn't us Lone Star Staters get something like cattywampus (Alabama) or toad-strangler (Florida), which means a heavy or severe rainstorm.

At least our word isn't as mundane as Maryland, which was hon, short for honey or aloha (Hawaii).

Given the chance, what would you think Texas' slang word/phrase would be instead of good ol' hoss.