Whether you take backroads, side streets, or highways, thank you for making the morning drive with US. Hello, my name’s Noah, and I’m your new BFF on US 105 in Killeen-Temple, Texas.

Every weekday morning from 6-10, we’ll bop with your favorite music with Number 1 for New Country, US 105! You will also keep up with the local news and weather, along with the latest on your favorite artists, plus what’s going on around our great state of Texas.

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Connect any time on the free US 105 app. Shoot me a chat message, send a pic, or record a shout out! Don’t forget, you can always stream from anywhere with the Listen Live button. (By the way, the app is Apple CarPlay and Android Auto ready.)

The most exciting part of joining US 105 is getting to know you more every day. You’ll even learn a few things with, “Did you Noah this?”

When you board this Ark, you never know where we’ll go. Every 3 hour tour will be brand new, and “Bringing the fun,” will always be our destination.

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Townsquare Media

Have family all along the I-35 corridor, and as a middle child you know I LOVE to be in the center of it all. Can’t wait to be part of your family too! Heck, we’re probably already related.

Guess the only question left is, what should we do next?

Connect anytime you tap into the free app, and get social on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can always call: 254-773-1025 because your hometown country station actually answers the phone.

So happy to wake up with you on the only show in Killeen-Temple that’s made just for US.

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