The Seize the Deal Auction is on now. It's been a bit cool of late. Don't you wish you had a hot tube to help warm you up? Take advantage of this amazing deal and be ready for the next time the temperature takes a tumble.

Seize the Deal

Nordic Retreat Hot Tub With Cover & Ozone From Ocean Quest Pools & Spas

  • Four to five person tub
  • Start up chemical kit
  • Charcoal - shell
  • Starlight blue - inside

The Nordic Retreat offers unprecedented value. With seating for five, this spa can help you create quality family time or simply offer sanctuary from every day stress to couples or individuals. Powerful jets provide invigorating hydrotherapy to tense areas of the body. Plus, Nordic's exclusive dual-therapy system offers gentler, whole-body to complement these traditional, more targeted jets. The versatile bench seat can be used as full body massage from the Whirlpool Jet. This gentler therapy has proven better at peeling away tensions and stress from the entire body by releasing lactic acid from all body zonesand allowing oxygen to flood every tissue and fiber.