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This is my 96-year-old Mamaw. It's hard to believe that mom's mom's mom is still alive and well!

We had a family get-together yesterday, the kind where after church everyone gets together and comes over to my grandmother's for her good cooking. My grandmother always makes sure Mamaw is present and taken care of at all family functions. It always makes me sad to hear her say, "I'm sorry to be so much trouble." We always remind her that she is nothing but a joy to us all -- and she is. I love to talk with her and watch her, and I especially love the one-on-one time we spend together when I pick her up and take her for ice cream.

When I told my Mamaw she was going to be in my new blog, she was excited. She wanted to make sure we all understand that she is still living a good, healthy life because of her work ethic. "I've done a lot of hard work in my life," she told me.

I ended my call to her just a few minutes ago by saying, "I'll stop by soon ... I love you so much." She said, "I'll be seeing you. I love you, too." Ever felt so blessed you could just cry? Yeah -- I guess as I type these last words in today's blog I'm feeling very blessed! I need a tissue ...

I love you, Mamaw!