One of Bell County’s oldest churches could be torn down if funds cannot be found to restore it.

St. Luke's Episcopal Church on North Wall Street in Belton - KXXV-TV

St. Luke’s Episcopal Church on North Wall Street in Belton was built around 1874, but has not been in use since the 1970s. Since then, a wall has collapsed, parts of its roof are missing and the foundation of the building has become a safety hazard.

A group called The 1874 Church Restoration Committee was formed five years ago in hopes of saving the historical building. The group managed to stabilize the church and patch up part of the roof, but city officials and some citizens feel the site is still a public safety hazard.

The Committee says it needs at least another $300,000 in order to complete repairs to the church. The City of Belton has given the group until October to submit a plan for the building.