Old Dominion's sophomore album, Happy Endings, is scheduled for release on Aug. 25. The 12-track record, according to lead singer Matt Ramsey, is a compilation of some of the best songs the band has written since releasing Meat and Candy in 2015.

"We’ve been writing -- obviously we write all the time, and these are just some of the best ones that are out of that group," Ramsey shared with The Boot and other reporters at a recent media event. "We’re very proud of who we’ve become as writers from this point. When you tour for years and years and years, like we have, you can only help but grow. I think we’ve grown, and I think it’s still us; it’s a new us in some ways, and it’s the same old us in other ways. I’m very excited, myself, to get it out."

Old Dominion -- which also includes Trevor Rosen, Whit Sellers, Brad Tursi and Geoff Sprung -- scored two No. 1 hits from Meat and Candy: "Break Up With Him" and "Song for Another Time;" another single, "Snapback," became a Top 5 hit as well. While the group admits they can feel pressure, especially on the heels of so much success, in the end, the only people they need to please are themselves.

"We’re songwriters. But we have written thousands of songs, and we’re constantly writing songs – some good, some not good," Rosen says. "At some point, we just look at the songs and go, ‘Do we love this song? If we didn’t know the song, would we want to hear it again?’ I don’t know if we specifically try to top the other one. It’s just a new version of us."

The debut single from Happy Endings, "No Such Thing as a Broken Heart," is currently in the Top 15. The song is available for download on iTunes.

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