Omar Borkan al Gala is a very good-looking man. Like Derek Zoolander-style ridiculously good-looking. Perhaps even illegally good-looking.

Saudi Arabia has very strict religious laws. For example, apparently a man can be too good-looking, which might make Saudi women lose their self-control and go insane with sexual desire. Or something. By the way, that's also illegal. Women are allowed virtually no contact whatsoever with men who aren't members of their family

So when al Gala showed up at a cultural festival earlier this week, Saudi religious police kicked him out. At least, that's what the Internet thinks. Al Gala himself alluded to the coverage in a recent Facebook post, saying, "This is what [sic] written in newspapers in over the world :)".

The Dubai native has quite the online photo gallery. But do be careful, ladies, you may not be able to control yourself.

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