To a lot of kids, history is just a bunch of dates and battles you have to remember in order to pass a test. One little boy found that a visit to Normandy, France made him see a vison of history.

Last June the 11 year old visited France for the 70th anniversary of the D-Day invasion. I know this because it's on the video posted by his Dad.

The American boy in his WWII style uniform and his American flag went down to Omaha Beach, one of the five sectors of the Allied invasion. A difficult landing where many American troops died on June 6 1944.




In 2014 this 11 year old boy paid tribute to those troops with a salute that lasted over an hour. Other beach goers stopped and stared, some took pictures, kids tried to break his concentration, even the local TV station showed up, and finally there came a man and his trumpet.