It was a song I first remember hearing as I watched the accompanying video on Armed Forces Television while my father was stationed in the Philippines.  "On the Road Again" had been out for more than 5 years at that point, but I was only two-years-old at the time so cut me some slack.

The Garrett family band in action. I'm rockin' the M-16.

On this date in 1980 Willie Nelson's ode to the road hit #1 on the Billboard charts.  Pretty impressive for a red-headed stranger from Texas.  I searched and searched for the official video on YouTube, but I did find Willie singing the classic at the Grand Ole Opry.  If all else fails, go with the Opry.  As a bonus since I couldn't find the video, I've included a picture from my childhood that shows our family band in action doing our best Willie Nelson impersonation.