After a wrestling injury in 1998, Diamond Dallas Page turned to yoga for help in recovering his body.  Since that time, it's transformed not just his life, but the lives of countless others, including this Army veteran.

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There are two personality types, above all else, that stand out when a person is tested.  There are those that accept what's happening in their lives as inevitable.  There are also those that bust through barriers better for it on the other side.  For the longest time, disabled Army veteran Arthur Boorman was the former.  It was through Diamond Dallas Page he found the inspiration to become the latter.

Inspired, a movie that follows Boorman and others on a course to weight loss through yoga, shows the power of determination ingrained deep within the American Soldier.  Most New Year's resolutions involving weight loss have only one barrier:  will power.  Boorman's decision to lose weight had so much more behind it.

Determined to prove the doctors that told him he'd never walk without assistance again WRONG.  Watching this 5-minute video is truly inspirational, not just for those that have found losing weight hopeless, but also for those that have ever been told they can't do something.  Not in the sense of right or wrong, but rather in the sense of overcoming life's obstacles and being better for it on the other side.