With a million or more US veterans set to visit the Nation's Capitol this weekend and the government still shut down, one man takes it upon himself to ensure DC looks its best.

Chris Cox isn't making a political statement despite the South Carolina flag.  He's making a landscaping statement.  Over a million US military veterans are expected in Washington, D.C. this upcoming weekend, and Cox just wants to honor them by taking the time to... mow the grass.  There was also a little chainsaw work.




It's as remarkable a story as we've seen about a man and his lawnmower since Forrest Gump.  In all honesty, this gentleman is a better man than 95% of the snakes that occupy Congress.  Not a single Congressman (or Congresswoman) has lifted a finger to help anyone in this mess.  There are too many TV interviews and talking points to stick to.  No time for anyone in Congress (who are STILL getting paid, BTW) to help show our nation's heroes the beauty of the capitol they fought so hard to defend.