First things first, I have never watched 'Shark Week'. I've never really cared to do so plus I don't even have cable. I don't know a lot about the special, I mean I guess they talk about sharks for a week? Is there that much to say? One of life's mysteries.

Now, it's probably super popular here in central Texas, but most folks I know don't seem to care about it, or at least keep it to themselves. We're hours away from the ocean I could tune in a day, but not a week. So my idea is to come up with a central Texas 'Shark week'.

The possibilities are endless... or at least there are a couple. What about 'Pool Shark Week', I've been fooled by many a billiards hustler in my day, including a couple of family members. "Top five signs to spot a pool shark". Everyone loves 'Shark Tank' just play a marathon, who doesn't love saying "I'm out" with Mr. Wonderful.

Change it up, make it 'Gar Week'. Fun facts about alligator gars in Lake Belton.

This is a million-dollar idea we have to jump on this! Or not, maybe I'll check out the shark thing.

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