Would you try Oreo Candy Canes?

Few things are as good as a stack of Oreos and a big glass of milk. Can they really put that into a Candy Cane? We hope so.

What's crazy is that the coming of Oreo Candy Canes has been talked about for months already. While you can find them in stores and online, there's a big difference in the price depending on who you buy them from now that they are finally available.

Delish.com reports a big difference in online retailers prices for Oreo Candy Canes.

  • Jet is selling one box of 12 for $4.43 (1 box?!)
  • Walmart is selling 12 boxes of for $31.75
  • Amazon wants $8.65 for 1 box of 12.

These things better be amazing because you can easily buy an entire family size package of Oreos AND a gallon of milk for what Amazon wants for 1 box of Oreo Candy Canes. If you try them let us know if you liked them!

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