One of the greatest westerns 'True Grit' turns 50 this year and Fathom Events is celebrating the anniversary by re-releasing the classic into theaters across the country.

It will only be on the silver screen for two days, Sunday, May 5th and Wednesday, May 8th, so make sure you don't miss this event for the whole family. This is the REAL movie event of the year, not the Avengers.

The film stars John Wayne and is the performance that earned 'the duke's' first and only Oscar win. For me, the real star is country singer Glen Campbell who plays Texas Ranger, La Boeuf. The opening track sung by the 'Rhinestone Cowboy' was nominated for both The Golden Globes and The Acadamy Awards for best song, listen to it below.

For tickets and the full list of theaters visit the Fathom Events website.


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