File this video under things never to forgive mom for. A teen riding home after getting her wisdom teeth pulled was interrogated on video … by her mother! Amongst the revelations: Scotty McCreery is apparently her boyfriend.

WBKR-FM in Owensboro, Ky. first shared this video of Sabrina Vincent, a teen who had just undergone oral surgery to remove her wisdom teeth. There's over 18 minutes of footage of her drive home with Mom on YouTube, but the above clip is the best.

Mother Michelle gets her daughter to admit her fondness for the 'American Idol' winner (who she says she's been dating for two years) before singing a line of 'I Love You This Big.' Later, Sabrina admits she also has another boyfriend, a guy named John. Those two text each other, while she dates McCreery in secret (a secret he likely isn't aware of).

Other highlights from the trip home? Sabrina wants to see Santa Claus at the mall, there are marshmallows on her arm, her Granny prayed for her at church, she wants to help children with cancer when she grows up and Jesus told her to go to Taco Bell.

Mom eventually explains why she's videotaping the event. "I was gonna get a good laugh out of it," she says in clip No. 3. "It cost enough money."