Being a teacher is probably one of the toughest jobs one can possibly have. They work hard day 365 days a year to make sure that our children are educated, loved, and help mold them into the adults they will become. It's a thankless job, really, and a teachers salary typically tends to mirror that. But a teacher does their job for so much more than the paycheck. They want to see their students succeed, become good people, and excel in their life and studies.

Parents at Founders Classical Academy of Leander recognized how special the teachers at their school were, and decided to take the Christmas gifts for teachers into their own hands and raised $35,000 for Christmas bonuses.

CBS Austin reports that parents chose to give half of the money raised from their annual "Write a Check" fundraiser to their teachers. A total of $70,000 was raised, with the other $35,000 going straight to the school.

"We want to show them how much we support them and appreciate them," says Archer Support Committee President Wendy Wells

Parents at the school say they intend on continuing the tradition next year and hope to raise even more money for teacher bonuses.


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