We've all been there as drivers in Texas haven't we? It's been a long day of either driving or working. You can't wait to get home and just relax for a little bit. While it may be a long or short relaxing time, it's certainly always welcome isn't it?

But imagine this, as you're pulling up to your home, you notice something rather annoying. A car sitting in front of your household, and not in a driveway. What's worse, you don't know who owns the car because you've never seen it before.

Now you have to wonder if the car is just staying there for an extended period of time or just for a little while. But you also wonder...is it even legal to do something like this in Texas?

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Parking In Front Of A House Of Texas, Legal Or Illegal?

Well according to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, there's certain things that could make it illegal to have your car placed in front of a house in Texas. If the road is a public one, and the property is not private, no law is written that prevents a driver from stationing their vehicle.

However, there is a time limit on parking in front of someone's home. If the driver leaves their car in front of the home for longer than seven days, police than can be alerted to make sure the vehicle is still able to be driven.

But, if you decide to park in Texas, don't park and block someone's driveway, that's very illegal. Don't park in your front yard either, that's illegal too. Just...try to find a driveway to leave your car!

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