US 105 went out to Belton Lake for another Party on the Pontoon Sunday.   We made our way from Park to Park giving away free stuff.

First we stopped off at Temple Lake Park, both ends.

Temple Lake Park/KUSJ Photo

We criss-crossed Belton Lake, thanks to Old School Boat Rentals.  Meet our First Mate, Sawyer.

First Mate Sawyer/KUSJ photo

Check out our Captain Lloyd, who jumped in the water at BLORA to cool off.  That’s me and Mikie just chillin before I head down the beach with some prizes.

Captain Lloyd, Julia and Mikie/KUSJ Phot

Cindy and Gary helped us out with prize distribution.  Their Reward....a ride in a Boat!

Julia, Cindy and Gary/KUSJ Photo

We had fun and so did the people who won prizes, you  know what,  next time I better take some pictures of the people getting the free stuff.   Oops!