A petition in Austin has recently brought of attention, both wanted and unwanted by certain members of the city. The petition, first started by Equity Action Texas, has one goal in mind.

The Petition Explained

Back in August, Equity Action Texas put together the Austin Police Police Oversight Act. Totaling over 33,000 signatures, the petition was brought to the City Clerk on August 9th as shown here:

Then on September 9th, the petition was validated by the city clerk:

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Equity Action has since been rallying residents in the area to help make the petition law. But now, another group has come forward stating that they are also Equity Action, and that there is a new version of the petition that needs be passed.

The Updated Petition In Question

KXAN was able to find the group with the alleged updated petition. The group, known as Voters for Oversight and Police Accountability, told KXAN that their petition, while similarly named the Austin Police Oversight Act, intends to do the same as Equity Action's petition.

Because of this, many questions have been raised by individuals in the city regarding the group's motives. The Austin Chronicle has written two articles regarding the situation which you can read here, and here.

Others have taken to social media to discourage individuals from resigning the alleged updated petition until more information can be ascertained:

As this is a developing story, more information will be provided when it becomes available.

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