Pickle Juice Shlush is ready to confuse and confound your taste buds!

Sonic's new summer experiment is ready and available in the monster 44oz size. Stay away from anyone who enjoys 44oz of anything pickle flavored. Yikes! Neither Oliver or myself expected to "like" this beverage, but you guys are trying it and that means we will as well. We tried to have fun with it.

Ok, so as we mentioned in the video the drink is actually kinda tame. It's a lot sweeter than it is sour. What really surprised us is the way the drink smells. Overpoweringly pickled! One whiff was enough to get me to make the bitter beer face. The taste is more like a 'Green River' with pickle juice added for flavor.

We've seen a ton of people posting their opinion on the new slush, so please drop your thoughts to us on social media. Did you like it? Was it too sweet? Just right?

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