That photo right there is why I would much rather drive than travel somewhere in little pond jumper plane. If I need to fly it will be on a large plane. If it's a trip that is short enough to require a tiny plane then I might as well drive, right?

KWTX News 10 reports that a pilot had to make an emergency landing in a field Monday north of Draughon-Miller Central Texas Regional Airport in Temple.

The emergency landing took place mid-morning yesterday near the intersection of Little Mexico Road and Airport Trail. Like a lawn-dart, the plane came to a stop on its nose out there in the field. Luckily, nobody was hurt according to Temple Police.

I have nothing but respect for people who have their pilots license and went about getting it the right way. Cutting corners in the air is a good way to get your crew and yourself in serious trouble. A small plane still takes a ton of training to master. Check out these lessons every pilot must learn. You won't believe how easy it is to get seriously hurt or injured even by a plane that is parked and on the ground!

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