Y'all, it is HOT and now is not the time to forget your 3 P's!

As summer continues, temperatures are rising and more tragic stories are pouring in about hot car causalities. Memorize these 3 P's and don't fall victim to the heat.

Please remember to never leave the following in a hot car:

  • Pets
  • Plants
  • People

I know it seems simple, but seriously, none of the things above should ever be left unattended in a vehicle.

According to a post from the Riverside County Sheriff's Department,  a small dog was rescued from a hot car in California after its owner left the pup inside the vehicle unattended. The weather that day was approximately 99 degrees and the inside temperature of the vehicle was later discovered to be 130 degrees.

A good Samaritan rescued the dog from the vehicle after noticing that the animal had stopped moving. Authorities responded to the scene and arrested the dog's owner for animal cruelty. Officials took the dog to Ramona Humane Society to be cared for.

Again, do not leave pets, plants or people inside a vehicle unattended. It only takes a few minutes for the temperature to increase dramatically inside of a vehicle, so please be safe out there and remember your 3 P's.

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