Back in 2015, Amir Safi performed a poem at the Texas Grand Slam Poetry Festival that I know we Texans can relate to. The poem is about the greatness of Whataburger and how these other fast food restaurants fall short.

In the poem, he breaks down many things about the originality of Whataburger that put it on another level, and also bring memories to mind. Towards the beginning Safi says, "Church of meat, grease, and longer waits." This takes me back to nights after college parties or out on the town with friends. Everybody would flock to Whataburger because it was late, and they were one of the only 24 hour spots in the area. The wait was going to be long, but you didn't care because you knew it was worth it.

In another stanza, Safi says, "You were our live 2 a.m. entertainment, and the only place I felt comfortable sitting next to a cop." This brings memories back to all of the hoopla and whatnot that you would see in a Whataburger in the early hours of the morning.

This poem brings so many memories to mind that many could relate to. Whataburger brings everybody together with their grade-A food memories that last a lifetime. Thank you, Amir Safi, for the delicious trip down memory lane.

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