Today marks the day Poland made our list of awesome countries. Why? They openly celebrate their love of weiner dogs! No, seriously. These folks have no shame, and they showed their affection by dressing up and parading around their Dachshunds like the grumpy bundles of cuteness they are. 

Recently over 300 weiner dogs paraded Polish streets, for the 18th annual Dachshund Parade in Krakow -- a parade for the people of Poland to share with the world how much they love weiner dogs. These doggies look funny as it is, but when they’re disguised as miniature astronauts and fairies, well… they just become the silliest pups around.

In fact, they're so cute you can almost forget about the burning shame and resentment towards their owners that they're probably feeling the entire time. D'awwwwww.