When you listen to "The Storm," a moving ballad from sister duo Presley & Taylor, you can be forgiven for thinking you're listening to Carrie Underwood. The moody heartbreak song builds like something the American Idol winner would produce, and when they go for those high notes — it's something else.

Not surprisingly, the "Ghost Story" singer is one of their three musical heroes, but not the first that comes to mind when asked for a hero from their childhood. The Connecticut born-and-raised 20-somethings moved to Nashville four years ago to chase the dream so many Music City dreamers have chased. It's never occurred to them to try it alone.

“If I played soccer, she would play soccer," older sister Presley tells Taste of Country. "If I did cheerleading, she would do cheerleading. It was just another one of those things."

Music is in their blood, as you'll see when they disclose who their hero from inside their family is. Taste of Country caught up with the pair during the Country Radio Seminar in Nashville in February of 2022.

A Musical Hero from Childhood: 

Presley: When we were growing up, Hannah Montana was the biggest show and Miley Cyrus

Taylor: No doubt though.

Presley: For us that was extremely formative, because that whole show was about her singing and being a pop star and the whole thing. And we grew up with her. Even now, we still — her music is some of our favorite.

A Musical Hero Who Inspires You Daily: 

Presley: Our parents, both of them were heavily involved in music in their own lives and then raising us.

Taylor: They met, my dad was out playing in a band one night and my mom walked in and that's how they met.

Presley: She was the singer. She would get up and sing with him.

Taylor: And then they always just supported us fully and always told us, this is possible for you if you want it.

A Musical Hero You'd Love to Meet: 

Presley: It's funny, because I feel like right now with the era of social media that we're in, with TikTok, where you're just exposed to so much and there's so much talent and you get to see it right on your phone in front of you, every day. There's so many people.

Taylor: Abigail Barlow.

Presley: She's incredible. We've never met her but she basically went on TikTok and she wrote these songs for a Netflix show.

Taylor: It's just things like that, it's cool to watch what everyone's doing and just draw inspiration from it.

Presley: I'd love to meet her.

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