We have some more 'Pretty Little Liars' Season Four finale news for you, including Ali's tell-all (meaning we will learn what happened to her the night she disappeared) and a familiar face will be returning to Rosewood.

To find out what happens in 'A is for Answers,' (4x24) continue onto the spoiler-filled post below.

The biggest plot point revealed through the episode's synopsis can also be seen in these photos, in which the Liars reunite so that Ali can tell them what happened the night that she disappeared.

And based on these flashback photos, it looks like she spent some time in a car with Ezra (as we previously surmised) before being buried alive with that shovel Spencer recalled she was carrying through the woods that fateful night in 'Cover for Me.'

Ezra isn't the only gentleman Ali sees on her last night though. She also has what appears to be a heated discussion with Noel Kahn, who will be returning to Rosewood in the present as well. Welcome back, Noel! Unless you're evil, of course.

In one of the many officially released photos, we see Ali, Noel and the Liars are all in an apartment together. Could Ali have been hiding out with Noel this whole time? Has he been helping her find A so she can return to Rosewood and resume her life again? Only time will tell.

The penultimate episode of 'PLL' airs next Tuesday, March 11 at 8PM ET on ABC Family. So close, yet so far.