Carrie Underwood turned 30 on Sunday (March 10), but she likes to say it's the one year anniversary of her 29th birthday. Age doesn't bother the 'Two Black Cadillacs' singer -- she just can't wrap her mind around being 30 quite yet. But that isn't going to keep the superstar from celebrating all week long. 

Underwood tells the Taste of Country Nights radio show that she likes her birthday to run into a birthweek. "When we are working, like on the road, everyone calls me Princess Carrie," she told host Jeremy Robinson, with more than a teaspoon of sarcasm. "They're like 'Yeah, yeah, Carrie.' And I'm like 'Yeah, what?' And they're like 'Princess Carrie.'"

For her real birthday, the singer -- who is close to notching her 17th No. 1 hit -- hoped to keep it lowkey. Dinner out with friends and husband Mike Fisher would be just fine with her. During the day, she said she'd maybe celebrate by giving back and volunteering somewhere. Fisher doesn't need to get her anything for her birthday, she insists, before adding her hubby sometimes gets her "something that sparkles a little bit, and I'm good with that."

For his sake, hopefully Underwood didn't fall too in love with the $31 million necklace she wore to the 2013 Grammy Awards. Look for Underwood to be dressed to impressed when she walks the red carpet at the ACM Awards on April 7.