The principal of a Central Texas school is apologizing after an annual senior breakfast intended to honor students became a roast with award categories including "Least Likely to Succeed", "Meanest Girl", and "Most Likely to Blow a Fuse".

Officials at Austin's Bowie High School said Wednesday that they've changed their guidelines concerning the breakfast after the student council proposed the roast and school staff approved it.

Each award came with the following disclaimer:

If your feelings have been hurt you should consider sucking it up. This was not intended to be entirely offensive (jk). In the slight chance you feel offended, we owe you our sincerest apologies, and know that we love you. Hopefully you understand that this is only a joke and worse things could have been said, but they didn't allow us to say them.

Lauryn Kendrick, a senior who volunteers to help autistic children and hopes to join the Peace Corps, told KEYE-TV she was given the "Bob Marley Award", implying she smokes pot.

"I woke up to a bunch of texts from my friends saying 'you just got roasted'", Lauryn said. "They said it's a stoner award."

Lauryn worries the award could jeopardize her reputation, and said she felt it was ironic that she was hanging anti-bullying posters in the halls of the school on the same day the principal apologized.

Lauryn's mother, Josie, said she worries about the damage such behavior could cause to more vulnerable kids.

"Suicide, depression in kids is real," she told KEYE. "It's a slippery slope, and I could see one of these silly awards hurting someone so badly that they give up."