Reality TV has seemingly invaded all corners of our vocational universe, offering shows based on a slew of jobs from funeral home director to meter maid to car dealer and just about everything in between.

But there are still a wide variety of occupations missing.

Here are some professions that really should get the reality show treatment.

Food delivery man


Driving around in a broken-down jalopy on its last legs while taking home small tips, this guy – and it usually is a guy – gets little respect. But think of the stories he can tell: he gets attacked by dogs, hears couples arguing before he rings the bell and runs the risk of an obese man answering the door in nothing but his tightie whities. That’s riveting TV, folks.

Career Counselor


If there ever was a show designed for the times we live in, this would be it. So many programs offer a glamorous job of some sort as the prize, but no show takes viewers inside the world of actually trying to get people paid work in their chosen field. It seems there's one job for very three people nowadays, so it might actually be compelling to see someone trying to nail down work in order to feed their family.



The nomad of the job world, the temp is usually a college kid looking to make some money before he lands a real job. One day, he’s answering phones at an architecture firm, the next he’s picking up lunch for a construction crew. One thing remains constant, though: everyone who works with him thinks this guy is an idiot. The expectations are so low that when he actually makes a copy, his co-workers act like he split the atom. The potential for humor is definitely there.

Supermarket manager


Given the plethora of cooking shows, it’s somewhat surprising no one has created a series about life inside a supermarket. Customers are upset about the line at the deli, someone just dropped a jar of mayonnaise in aisle seven and the guy who’s supposed to collect carts has been on a smoke break for the last two hours. The manager certainly has a lot to juggle, which could make for some pretty riveting TV.

Movie theater manager


The potential for chaos in a movie theater is similar to that of a supermarket. Think about all that can go wrong: there’s a massive customer revolt because the Fandango kiosk is broken, someone just made off with the poster for the new Channing Tatum movie and all your employees just told you they want off this Christmas Day. How can a show like this not work?

Reality show production crew


There are so many reality shows documenting all walks of life, but what about the people who put them together? What’s it like being a cameraman on ‘Survivor'? Did an editor on 'The Real Housewives' have to miss his son’s birthday because one of the "stars" had a temper tantrum? Could a makeup artist on 'The Bachelor' have fallen for a script supervisor? The stories that are going on behind the camera may actually be more interesting than some of the drivel in front of it.