Yesterday my friend came into the studio plopped down and said "You know I really should be a stay at home mom. The stress at work isn't worth it." I quickly thought of my sister who is a stay-at-home mom and I quickly called her. I asked my sister to talk my friend off the ledge. My sisters quick wit and honesty took over the conversation. "If you want to feel smart, pretty and important, go to work. When I worked I loved getting up getting dressed, bringing home money, and most importantly I loved feeling important. You get adult interaction throughout your day. If you want to feel like an Uber driver, a maid, and feel underappreciated be a stay-at-home mom." That comment hit me in the gut, is that really how a stay-at-home parent feels? The parent that is the glue to the family feels like that?

My sister added her pros of being a stay-at-home parent. My sister is always there when it comes to seeing her kids perform, or she is the one shuttling her kids and their friends to and from practice and rehearsals. My sister gets to help many of her children's parents out. "Being able to mold your kids and shape them into the humans that you're going to throw back out into the world will is rewarding.". 

Stay-at-home parents, we want to hear your pros and cons. What do you love about being a stay-at-home parent? What is totally overrated? If you could, would you switch your situation?

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