There's one thing Texas needs besides great food.

What do we mean by that? Well, you need electricity to cook the food right? Yes, power is very important to many a resident in Texas.

Not only is it important for food making however, it helps us clean clothes via a washer and dryer, and most importantly of all, helps us see.

Yes, lights are very important while walking around your home, or driving around during the nighttime hours. But recently, some have noticed lights in the state are changing...colors?

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No, we're not talking about stoplights, we're talking about street lights. Some have noticed the color of the light has become purple, instead of white. But is there something wrong with the light or are zombies officially on their way to Texas?

Purple Street Lights In Texas? What Could It Mean?

So in regards to the purple lights, is there a secret meaning behind them? Is there a cause that the lights bring awareness to? Or is it a new design choice for street lights in Texas?

Well, it doesn't look like it's either of those. Rather, the street lights themselves are simply...just turning purple on their own.

But Why Would A Street Light Do That?

KWTX reports that lights are simply acting up. The lights themselves do indeed start out as the normal white hue, but as something goes wrong in the light, it slowly begins to turn people.

At the time of writing, this problem seems to be mainly around Central Texas, but there's a chance you've seen them around the Lone Star State right? Thankfully though, the previously mentioned zombie invasion isn't happening right?

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