Another reason to stay away from skunks, they could have rabies.  A rabid skunk was found in a Killeen yard  this past Saturday.

According to a Killeen Police Department press release,  On May 24, Animal Control was called out to the 4500 block of Greyhound Drive, after a dog chased a skunk out of a yard. The skunk was later found dead in another backyard.   Testing showed it had rabies.

I would have never thought to call Animal Control for a skunk running out of the yard, but you are supposed to.


Animal Control Officers also advise all residents :


Make sure you pet's rabies shots are up to date.

Supervise your pets and/or children when they are outdoors even in fenced yards

Do not approach or touch any wild animal

Report any sick or injured animals or any unusual animal activity to the Killeen Animal Control Unit.

During normal operating hours – 254-526-4455

After normal operating hours – 254—501-8800


Your unvaccinated pet could have rabies before you know it. The disease is transmitted through saliva so a whole bunch of people could get infected before the pet even shows symptoms.


Protect yourself and your neighbors and get your pets vaccinated.