KXXV shared the post from the Bertram Police Department that showed the guilty party who had been stealing food from a nursing home. Bertram Police have nick-named the little rascal "Rocky Raccoon".

Police say this little burglar stayed a little too long at the crime scene and ended up behind bars.

This reminded me of a hilarious video I had seen on youtube a couple of years back about "When Raccoons Attack!" While I've never been attacked by a raccoon, we have had them get into the vents at the radio station and cause a whole lot of trouble.

Check out the video below, and don't mess with Rocky Raccoon! Even watching it again today has me laughing out loud. What is funnier? The man who breaks his broom in half trying to get the animal to run away, or the raccoon who jumps out of the engine and scares the hell out of the driver? It's all gold here.

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