The Randy Rogers band, headliner of this past weekend's Bloomin' Temple festival is asking for support in the wake of a series of devastating tornadoes that swept through the singer's hometown of Cleburne, Tx.

Randy Rogers Band at Bloomin' Temple/KUSJ

Late Wednesday night, a swarm of tornadoes swept across north Texas  devastating two neighborhoods in southern Granbury and in neighboring Cleburne. At least six people and many more are injured.  It is estimated more than 250 residents have been left homeless.

Rogers was born in Cleburne, where a tornado with wind speeds up 165 mph swept through.

Rogers tweeted out this message, asking for support and donations to help the community.

According to the organization's website, Operation Blessing is a "Faith-based organization whose mission is to share God's Word and His love, and to let that love flow through to those who are hurting and in need."  Donations can be made at