Randy Rogers Band is back on the country radar with a brand new music video for their latest single, 'One More Sad Song.' The tune is the first release from the Texas-based band's forthcoming album, 'Trouble,' which is set for release in 2013.

The 'One More Sad Song' clip has the band members putting their acting skills to the test as they play various roles, like a bank teller who is pushing papers, a heroic cop who tries to put a stop to a bank robbery, bomb squad team players and even a service repairman on the street, just watching it all go down. Those who pay close attention to the video may even pick out a familiar face or two in the crowd shots -- fellow Texas star Wade Bowen makes an appearance.

A deranged man with a broken heart holds up the bank, and his love interest is sent in to calm him down, as the cops believe that will put an end to all the drama. Little do they realize that the drama is just getting started -- the band members' characters all turn on the good guys and show to be involved with the plot to take the money and run.

But it's the 'One More Sad Song' video's end that will have all the viewers surprised, what with the twists and turns of the storyline.

Watch the Randy Rogers Band 'One More Sad Song' Video