Ray Fulcher tugs at the heartstrings in his new song, "Love Ya Son, Go Dawgs." The new single from the singer-songwriter, who is one of Luke Combs' frequent collaborators in the writing room, captures the bond between a father and son who live miles apart, but are close in spirit.

Written by Ben Hayslip and Jordan Walker, the song is laid out as a voicemail message from a father to his son. The opening verse is written from the father's perspective, and recounts how he saw some of the singer's high school friends and reminisced about days past. It leads into a chorus that shares the little details of life in his small Georgia town, beginning with the weather and ending with a nod to their home-state team, the Georgia Bulldogs.

The second verse is from the perspective of the son, who explains how that voicemail reminds him of his hometown and the bond he shares with his father. "Anyway, love ya son, go Dawgs," Fulcher croons, putting a period at the end of the song in a way that captures its personal sentiment.

"From the moment I heard this one, I knew somehow someway I HAD to record it," Fulcher describes in a Twitter post about the song. "This song kicks off a new chapter for me as and artist, and there is A LOT of new stuff coming down the line, but this song is so special and I couldn’t be more proud of it."

Fulcher has made a name for himself in Nashville as a co-writer on several of Combs' hits, including "When It Rains It Pours," "Does to Me" featuring Eric Church, "Even Though I'm Leaving" and, most recently, "Lovin' on You." "Even Though I'm Leaving" is nominated for Song of the Year at the 2020 CMA Awards.

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