Real Country is a new music competition show that will make every country lover rejoice. Shania Twain, Jake Owen, and Travis Tritt select artists to go head to head. The audience gets to hear the artists perform and then the moment of truth comes, the crowd gets to call the shots which is the reason that so many people are loving this show!

In case you missed the premiere of the highly anticipated show Real Country Last night here are the updates! After the crowd eliminated Jake Owen's pick Adairs Run the judges were joined by Big & Rich, who made the show so much fun! Big & Rich are so positive and you can tell that The Young Fables and Copper Cheif were thrilled to be able to perform for the iconic country duo! The Young Fables were given a score of 4 and the Copper Cheif scored a 4.2. Unfortunately for Adairs Run this is the end of their run with Real Country they only scored a 3.3 which was the lowest score and means they're out of the competition.

Check out some of the performances from Tuesday's premiere of Real Country on USA Network below!

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