It can often be disheartening when watching local or national news; too often, there are stories of heartbreak, injustice, and crime. Reba McEntire knows that feeling all too well, and wants to take a stand for peace. The songstress asks fans to pray for peace, and also be a part of her new music video.

She explains her thoughts on the world today, saying, "You know, every time I watch the news, I'm always waiting for a story with a happy ending, and unfortunately you don't see those stories very often. I find myself praying for peace and a better outcome for the world."

And what better way to spread the message of peace and prayer than inviting her millions of fans to pray alongside her? McEntire adds, "'Pray for Peace' is a song I wrote because I strongly believe in the power of prayer," and she invites fans to help create a video that spotlights this inspirational message.

Fans can simply invite their friends, family, co-workers -- anyone, really -- and join in on the fun. Just find a location showing your place in the world (think: local landmarks, scenic spots, or small-town quirks), and film yourself and company doing the 'pray for peace' motions that McEntire demonstrates in the video.

She cautions fans to turn their iPhones horizontally (not vertically) when filming, and encourages creativity and diverse personalities. Then, all you need to do is upload your video to YouTube with the hashtag #PrayForPeace or use a file sharing service like Dropbox.

There is more information here regarding how to get involved with McEntire's push for peace, so be sure to check out other important details.