Morris Bridges, 41.
Perry Calvin, 37.
Jerry Chapman, 26.
Cody Dragoo, 50.
Kenneth “Luckey” Harris, Jr., 52
Jimmy Matus, 52.
Joey Pustejovsky, 29.
Cyrus Reed, 29.
Kevin Sanders, 33.
Robert Snokhous, 48.
Doug Snokhous, 50.
Buck Uptmor, 45.

These twelve first responders stepped up with bravery and honor in West to help save lives, losing their own in the process. Yesterday, their sacrifice was honored by the nearly 10,000 people who attended a memorial service at the Ferrell Center in Waco.

Victims Of Texas Fertilizer Plant Explosion Memorialized | Getty Images

Below, you’ll see video of high-profile speakers at that memorial. While their words are touching and poignant, we must always remember that actions speak far louder than words.

The actions of these fallen men spoke volumes about courage, honor and sacrifice.


Baylor President Ken Starr

Senator John Cornyn

Governor Rick Perry

President Barack Obama