If you ever text your kids and they don't respond, now there's an APP for that.

Simplemost.com is reporting on ReplyASAP. It was created because a father had a tough time getting his son to reply to his text in a timely manor. Solution. Create an App that makes him reply or else.

When you send a message with ReplyASAP an alarm goes off on the phone, even if it's on silent. Your message will then appear over whatever other action is going on with the phone, and the alarm will continue to sound until the message is acknowledged. This will confirm that the kid has seen the message, and then prompts the child to reply to stop the noise and get back to normal operation.

The App does work both ways, so the children can send urgent messages to their parents' phones as well.

The App is currently available for Android, and their testing for the iPhone, which will be coming soon.

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