Nobody should ever have to feel like they are stuck paying rent for an apartment that has a rodent infestation or a pest control issue.

Being a radio DJ takes you all over the country If you want it to so I've lived in all kinds of places. Two things will get me to move out quicker than anything and that would be rats or roaches. I see em and I'm gone. Go ahead and try to collect when I break that lease. It's never worked yet. My advice is DO NOT PUT UP WITH IT.

LaShon Turner of Killeen has had enough. Who wouldn't after waking up to seeing rats walking around on the floor? She lives at Bridgewater Retreat Apartments on West Hallmar Avenue in Killeen with her three children. Her biggest concern is health and safety.

The video at the top of the page was filmed by Turner in June of this year and shared by KWTX News 10. In early August, the rats are still visiting. Turner and other residents in the building say these are full-grown rodents. They'll look big enough in the video to me. Just look at the screengrab below! I think those look like flip-flops in the background. Is that rodent not bigger than those shoes?

Story by Brandon Hamilton KWTX - Ratts

The last straw was when Turner spoke to her landlord, paid half her rent that was due, and promised the rest of the balance when the rat problem had been solved. It persisted until one day she found one crawling around the bed under the covers. Hell No! She went to code enforcement and the Department of Health and obtained remediation ordered to be done within a week.

Unfortunately, the rest of the story involves the typical back and forth between landlord and tenant leaving the problem unresolved. What would you do if this was your apartment? Let us know in the poll below. Would rats be enough to stop you from paying rent? Would you move out at the soonest possible moment?

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